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In order to be successful, businesses are constantly looking for ways to introduce operational efficiencies, build better teams, and increase profits. Making an effort to improve the way your team works takes dedication and hard work. The team at Leadership Excursion Co. understands the challenges that professionals face and has the experience to help bring your business or team to the next level. We offer leadership excursions that build lasting team bonds through team outings and executive retreats. Our leadership training programs teach managers and executives how to be impactful leaders. Business coaching services are geared to identify real issues, tackle challenges head-on, and implement what works. Whether you're an individual who's looking to grow in their career or a business that's ready to expand, our services will help get you where you need to be.

Our Programs

Business Breakthrough

Next level growth with a focus on operational efficiency and profitability. For small and medium-sized businesses.


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Leader Mentality

Leadership training designed to build a culture of leaders. For businesses and teams of all sizes.


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Equus Excursion

Horse-assisted leadership training for the hands-on learner. Ideal for team building and personal growth.


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Custom Retreats


Leadership experiences built to fit the needs of your team.

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Spark Women's Retreat


Learn how to create a spark that ignites your life's passion.

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