A (Before) Story of Change and Growth in Downtown Las Vegas

It is an exciting time to live in Las Vegas. ¬†As a young city, we…

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How to use Priority Lists as a Leadership Tool

  Saying No is Hard Early in my career, I found myself stressed out often….

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Use these 7 words to get your team back on track

  The Dreaded Snowball We’ve all been in a situation where things don’t go as…

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most important leadership trait

The Single Most Important Leadership Trait

What is the single most important leadership trait? Many of the professionals¬†and teams we work…

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Be Uncomfortable in 2016

Here we are — 2015 is wrapping up and it’s time to ring in a…

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Why Leadership Training Must Change

A Typical Leadership Training Experience In early 2015, I attended a leadership training course hosted…

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