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Leaders are often faced with obstacles that are challenging. Let's face it, being a leader is downright scary at times. Our leadership excursions were developed to provide attendees with the opportunity to practice their new-found skills before they're put to use. Not only do we tackle taboo and sensitive topics, but we also provide activity-based excursions that are meant to take attendees out of their comfort zone and expose them to a side of themselves they rarely see. Learning how to lead from a place of discomfort and navigate a team under stress is a priceless leadership skill to possess.

Each excursion includes a business coaching topic that is paired with a comparable activity. A portion of each leadership training experience will be spent learning about and discussing a specific leadership topic. Attendees will have an opportunity to see each topic in practice as we spend the remainder of the excursion immersed in hands-on learning.

Get ready to be challenged!

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