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Managing vs. Leading

There is a big difference between managing a team and leading a team. Managers tend to come from a place of demand while leaders originate from a place of command. This leadership excursion is spread over two days and is dedicated to helping attendees differentiate between the two. 

Activities: Learn How To Rappel / Go Canyoneering

Before heading out on a canyoneering excursion, we require all attendees to begin by learning how to rappel. A trained professional will provide an overview of gear, safety concerns, risks, and each attendee will learn how to rappel off of a tower and in a controlled environment.

Canyoneering involves a number of different types of activities. Attendees will be lead through a known canyoneering trail by a trained professional and will participate in activities like rappelling, hiking, walking through water, and sometimes swimming. Participants will be challenged in every way and will experience the adventure of a lifetime!

Take Aways

Managers who have experience under their belts are at risk of getting tunnel vision and potentially becoming complacent. Because they have done the same thing or similar things repeatedly over the course of their career, they tend to stick with what they know and demand that their team do the same. These managers demand that tasks are completed a certain way and in a certain order when in fact, there is probably numerous and potentially better ways to accomplish tasks. In this excursion, attendees will learn the difference between managing and leading and will learn what it takes to lead a team rather than simply manage.


Canyoneering leadership training excursions are available in both Las Vegas and in Zion National Park located in Southern Utah. Specific location details can be found when purchasing your excursion.

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  1. Managing vs. Leading
  2. Evaluate oversight of attendee teams
  3. How to provide guidance
  4. Why educating is key

Attendees will learn about managing vs. leading on day 1 and on day 2 will learn how to rappel in the morning and will participate in a canyoneering excursion that afternoon.

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