Indoor Rock Climbing


Teamwork Deep Dive

One of the most challenging roles of a leader is to be able to build effective teams and foster teamwork. The most successful leaders find ways to cultivate environments that are efficient, adaptive to change, and have the ability to turn out admirable work. In this excursion, we'll spend half the day doing a deep dive into the makeup of attendee teams. We will evaluate the positives and identify areas of improvement. We'll discuss usable takeaways that include how to build a team that works well together, create an environment based on trust, and what you should do as a leader to uphold the cohesiveness of a team that succeeds.

Rock Climbing & Belaying

Since the focus of this excursion is teamwork, all attendees will learn how to belay and have an opportunity to climb routes that vary in difficulty. As a belayer, you will be responsible for using a rope and friction device to catch your climbing partner in the event of a fall. Instruction and climbing oversight will be provided by a trained professional. Encouragement will be provided by your fellow team mates!

Take Aways

At the conclusion of this excursion, each attendee will walk away knowing what it feels like to work as a team and trust others to catch you when you fall. Attendees will also possess tangible teamwork tools that will help build and support effective teams in the workplace.


Indoor rock climbing leadership training excursions are available in Las Vegas.

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All About Teamwork

  1. Evaluate Attendee Teams
  2. How To Build An Effective Team
  3. Cultivate An Environment That Works
  4. Build Trust & Cohesiveness

Attendees will learn how to belay and have an opportunity to climb rock climbing routes with various levels of difficulty.

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