Overcoming Challenges

In this excursion, we are going to face and tackle the challenges that leaders come across throughout the course of their career. From the support that leaders receive in the workplace to pay, we are going to cover all of the topics that are difficult to discuss and uncover why learning how to overcome obstacles in the workplace matters. Attendees will share their personal experiences and learn how to overcome the challenges that any leader faces.


Attendees will have an opportunity to face their own fears, encourage others, and potentially do something they've never done before. Anyone participating in the zipline excursion will receive instruction and be monitored by trained professionals.

Take Aways

This will be an unforgettable leadership training experience as attendees have an opportunity to discuss taboo topics in a safe environment. Learn what you can do to face women-specific leadership challenges, how you can support others, and steps for introducing additional diversity within your community or organization. 


Zipline excursions are available in Las Vegas.

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Face Your Fears

  1. Finding your power
  2. Navigating obstacles
  3. How to say NO
  4. Difficult conversations
  5. Create opportunity for yourself
  6. How to negotiate

Attendees will work together to learn about and overcome challenges that leaders face. We'll also help one another overcome fears as we go ziplining as a group.

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