Your Questions Answered


What is the difference between a leadership excursion and a leadership retreat?

Leadership retreats are often multi-day events that include keynote speakers, mentors, small-group sessions or activities, networking opportunities, and more. Retreats accommodate hundreds of people and typically have a conference feel to them. Our leadership excursions are more focused as we concentrate on a single topic and dive into the details. We have hand-picked our activities to coincide with each topic so attendees experience a hands-on approach to learning. Before attending a leadership excursion, we take time to collect feedback from each attendee so we can get an idea of what their challenges are before they attend an excursion. We cover exactly what our attendees need to overcome their challenges so they walk away with tools they can use as soon as they return to their working environment.


I have attended or read about leadership training courses and seminars. How are leadership excursions different?

A majority of leadership training courses and seminars have a classroom feel to them. We have taken a different approach to leadership training by offering excursions that focus on a hands-on approach to learning. Attendees will get their hands dirty (literally) and will walk away with impressionable experiences and lessons. 


Aren't leadership excursions just team building or team outing exercises?

Team building and team outing activities are exactly that, activities only. In an effort to teach leadership skills to our attendees in a way that resonates, we have combined team outing activities with leadership training. We like to think that our leadership excursions offer the best of both worlds.


What's the difference between leadership training and leadership development?

We believe there's a huge difference between the two. Leadership training courses take place in a classroom environment where an instructor presents skills or behaviors with attendees utilizing lectures as a delivery method. Leadership development provides tools to help leaders improve, grow, and progress. Our goal is to empower leaders to improve the way they lead their teams and we believe that providing guidance and hands-on experience will allow them to reach their full leadership potential.


I am a manager and I'd like to take my team on a leadership excursion, but there isn't enough room in the course. What should I do?

We offer custom leadership excursions for groups and teams of all sizes. Contact us to discuss the needs of your team and we'll be happy to customize the experience for you and schedule an activity where everyone can participate together. We'll also tailor the excursion to fit the needs of your team so you can incorporate everything you've learned into your working environment after you get back to the office.


I'd like to push myself by participating in an excursion activity, but it's out of my comfort zone and I'm not sure I can do it. Is it mandatory that I participate in the activity?

Our leadership excursions are geared to remove attendees from their comfort zone and place them in a place that challenges them in every way. Participation is highly encouraged, but we won't force anyone to do something they don't want to do. If you're concerned about some of the activities, try attending one of our meetups or manager development courses.


Why do you schedule follow-up sessions after an excursion is complete?

The biggest point of failure in any leadership training course is that moment when an individual or team gets back to the office and attempts to implement the leadership tools they've learned into their working environment. Change is challenging and it's very easy to slip right back into your old way of doing things, especially if your work days are busy. We help make leadership skill implementation a higher priority by working with each attendee on an implementation plan and following-up to help see things through.


What should I wear to a leadership excursion?

We'll provide more specific clothing recommendations based on excursion, but for the most part, attendees should dress comfortably and wear closed-toe shoes. Feel free to bring a change of clothes if you'd like. If an excursion requires equipment, we'll provide that for you so no need to bring anything other than yourself.


How long do leadership excursions last?

All excursions will include an agenda.  Sometimes excursions run short or long depending on the activity and number of participants. There are also moments when we encounter unplanned issues. We'll be sure to communicate any changes in schedule along the way so everyone is informed.


Do you offer group rates or discounts?

Groups rates are considered on a case-by-case basis. If you have a group of at least 6 people, we'd be happy to talk to you about options. If you're interested in learning more about discounts, we occasionally send out offers in our weekly newsletter

What do I do if I have a question that wasn't addressed in this list?

Contact us! We enjoy speaking with leaders and will do everything we can to answer and/or address any question you may have. If we're unable to help, we'll do our best to point you in the right direction. Your success is our success!

Contact us if you have any additional questions