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Leadership Training with Horses

Impactful learning for individuals, teams, and companies of all sizes.

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Equine Guided Leadership Development


Communication comes in many forms and the most impactful leaders know how to command their teams without saying a word. Demeanor, body language, confidence and the way leaders present themselves are in many cases, more effective than using verbal communication. Our horsemanship excursions are designed to put you face-to-face with a 900 lb. animal to put you in a place of discomfort on purpose. Learn how to be consistent, confident, and calm by practicing new leadership skills with a horse.


Enhance your ability to learn by being in a place of discomfort on purpose.


Practice your new-found leadership skills before putting them to test in front of your team.


Strengthen traits that support your ability to grow as a person and leader.

Private Coaching

Book a private session to work one-on-one with a leadership coach and horsemanship instructor to improve the way you work, live, and lead. Prices start at $249.


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Team Building

Bring your team together by providing a hands-on leadership training experience with a focus on bonding and growth. We accommodate teams of all sizes. Prices start at $149/person.


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Personal Development

Strengthen non-verbal communication skills, grow confidence, and practice leadership skills in an intimate learning environment. Prices start at $149/person.


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Why Horses?


Horses are ideal animals to aid in improving the way you lead because they are prey animals, which means they have the ability to be in tune with you all while seeing the real you. Horses don't understand lies or charisma. If you are scared or pretend to be something you're not, horses become confused. If you want to improve the way you present yourself as a leader, you want to have good energy, you want to be consistent, and you want to be calm. Working with a horse will give you the opportunity to receive real-time feedback so you can make adjustments and strengthen traits that will help you improve as a leader.

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Certified Instruction


Meet Katelynn Eddy, our lead trainer. She is one of only 62 instructors in the world and the sole instructor in Nevada that holds a coveted Monty Roberts Certification. Monty Roberts is well-known for his gentle and unique approach to training horses. His programs focus on harnessing nonverbal communication that takes place between horses and emulates those methods in human to horse training methods. He works with horses in a nonviolent manner and focuses on forming a relationship that encourages the horse to choose the trainer and not the other way around. Katelynn will be by your side every step of the way.

The horsemanship excursion experience

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What Is a Join-Up®?


A Join-Up® session is a lesson in connection and nonverbal communication, a skill that leaders strive to perfect in their everyday lives. People and situations are different, which makes it a challenge for leaders to consistently connect with members of their team or communicate in a way that is understood by all. Doing a Join-Up® with a horse emulates this scenario and allows you to practice improving your approach, demeanor, and style. The objective is to form a relationship with the horse during this activity so the horse chooses you, just like you want your team to choose you. Our trainer is the only certified Join-Up® instructor in the state of Nevada and will be by your side as you work through this incredible activity.

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Leadership Coaching


Before working with horses in a Join-Up® or a teamwork activity, a leadership coach will take the time to get to know you or your team. By getting to know you, we mean that we want to know everything. Your strengths, your weaknesses, and the hurdles that are standing in your way of becoming the best leader or team you can be. Once we get to know you, we tailor the excursion experience to address your challenges so you learn how to break through barriers head on. Your leadership coach will also be by your side to provide feedback and after the excursion is complete, there is an opportunity to have your business and leadership coach help you implement what you learned into your everyday. We want to do everything we can to help you succeed in your leadership training experience.

Pictured right: Owner, Kri Edholm

What Our Clients Are Saying

What You'll Learn


  1. Nonverbal communication
  2. Command vs. Demand
  3. Presence & Courage
  4. Staying calm
  5. Authenticity

The Focus


Individuals and teams will learn about the effectiveness of nonverbal communication and learn how to build supportive relationships through trust, presence, and authenticity.


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