Good Leaders Challenge Themselves To Be Great


Statistics show that 60% of new leaders fail within the first year of being a manager and upwards of 40% of managers fail in general. Our management development program was put together to not only turn managers into leaders, but to also help professionals with their success as a first-time manager or executive. This isn't your typical leadership training experience. We will work directly with you to teach you practical tools that will support you in your path to being the best leader possible.

First Time Leaders


Leadership training for managers addresses the many challenges that first-time leaders face. We provide guidance for making the transition from team member to leader, address how to communicate clearly and build in accountability, and address ways to get your new team on board and maintain motivation.


Leaders Ready To Grow


When it comes time for experienced managers to move into a more senior level role, promotion competition can be fierce. Leadership training for executives covers ways to navigate the senior-leader growth bottleneck, teaches leaders to think like an executive, and provides guidance for running teams and operations as efficiently as possible.

Sample Topics:


-> Transition from team member to manager
-> Managing vs. leading
-> How to use goals as a leadership tool
-> Vulnerability as a strength
-> Communicating clearly and effectively

Designed for:


-> First-time managers
-> Team members anticipating a promotion to manager
-> Managers who have never received leadership training
-> Anyone looking to improve the way they manage and lead

For first-time team leads or managers



Leadership training for managers is focused on making the transition from team member to leader.  Learn how to set expectations, communicate effectively, have difficult conversations, foster motivation and accountability, and set yourself up for success.

Learn how to be a successful leader from day one.

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For Seasoned Managers



Leadership training for executives is designed for managers transitioning into more senior-level leadership roles. Learn how to separate from daily details, get the most out of your team and managers, and think like an executive.

Grow into a forward thinking professional.

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