How To Use Goals As Leadership Tools


What To Expect

There are many advantages to using goals as leadership tools, the main one being the feeling you get when a goal is accomplished. In this meetup, we'll dissect the goal creation process and outline how goals can be used as a leadership tool. There are many hidden gems in this meetup, including how goals can be used for your team's career growth as well as your own. Come prepared to think about and discuss goal setting in a new light.

About The Host

Setting clear goals and being proactive about completing goals is one way that Kri Edholm, host of this meetup, found success. In early 2016, Kri retired from her position as a technology executive to launch Leadership Excursion Co., an organization focused on leadership training and development. Kri not only used goals to advance in her career, but she also used it as an accountability tool as well as a way to communicate her progress and successes.

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