How To Tell Your Team They're Screwing Up

What To Expect

 Leaders do a disservice to their team by not letting them know when they're underperforming. As a leader, this isn't always an easy conversation to have. In this meetup, we'll discuss how to approach the topic and how to deliver the not-so-fun news while still maintaining respect from the team. Anyone attending this meetup should come prepared with their own experiences, including challenges they may have faced. Let's learn and grow together so we, as leaders, have the ability to do the best for our teams.

About The Host

The host of this meetup, Kri Edholm, worked for 20 years in the technology industry, ultimately working her way up to an executive position. Over the course of her career, Kri was in a leadership position a majority of the time and learned how to deliver all messages to her team in a consistent manner, regardless of topic. Kri has an uncanny approach to having difficult conversations and is happy to share her experience in this session.

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