Grow your leadership experience as you advance in your career

Learning how to be an effective leader takes years of experience and managing small teams is much different than leading at a higher level within an organization.  Our growth manager leadership training series will help push you to the next level, help you to start thinking like an executive, and encourage you to build empowered teams who deliver beyond your expectations while you think ahead and clear the path so you get the most out of your teams.

Choose this course if you are

An Experienced Manager

You are an experienced manager and are looking to take your leadership skills to the next level.

Hold a Director or VP Title

Thinking like a director or vice president brings on new leadership challenges that you've never experienced before.

Seeking New Leadership Perspective

You've held multiple leadership positions but feel like you're in a rut and are looking for a new perspective.

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What to Expect

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Day 1
A Fresh Perspective

Moving into a higher level of leadership requires you to remove yourself from day-to-day projects and tasks, provide direction to team members in your department, and understand an entirely new set of expectations.  In Day 1, we'll help steer you out of the weeds so you know how to focus on higher level initiatives.

Day 2
Tools & Support

We start to dig into the specifics in day two as we teach you how to promote process that works, identify direction that makes sense for managers that report to you, provide tips and tricks about how to minimize email and meetings, and show you ideal ways to report successes to executive teams.


Day 3
Forward Thinking Leader

Day three is all about teaching you how to be a forward thinking leader both personally and within your organization.  We cover how to recruit effective teams, how to reduce turn-over within your organization, review why understanding data and metrics is key to your new position, and why it's important to be open to feedback from your team and peers.

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