Hit the ground running as a new leader

First-time leaders who are in a team lead or management position face many obstacles as they adjust to their new role.  Often times, new managers are left to figure things out on their own and are rarely provided guidance and direction.  Our new manager leadership development series will help you make a successful transition into your role as a new leader.

We recommend you take this course if you are

A First-Time Manager

You are making the transition from team member to manager or are in a leadership position for the first time.

Anticipating a Promotion

If you are expecting to be promoted into a leadership position or are planning to advance in your career.

Have Minimal Leadership Experience

You have less than 3 years of leadership or management experience.

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What to Expect

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Day 1
Transition Guidance

Our focus will be on how to make the transition from team member to lead or manager, steps to take to make your team an extension of yourself, and what to do to help set yourself up for success in your new role.

Day 2
Communication & Accountability

On day 2 we'll concentrate on tips for providing clear direction to your team, building accountability into your culture, how to command your team with obtainable expectations, and what you can do to communicate successes to your boss.

Day 3
Management & Motivation

We'll face the biggest challenges head-on on day 3 as we cover how to have difficult conversations, how to keep your team motivated, and what you can do to set your individual team members up for success.

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