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As leaders, we believe in teaching your team everything you know, so we're going to practice what we preach.  Each week we will be posting quick tips that include miscellaneous information about leadership, managing people and teams, work efficiencies, life hacks, etc.  Basically we're conducting a brain dump that includes 20 years of lessons we've learned along the way and we're sharing it with you for free.

Quick tips will be published in addition to various blog articles, however, this page acts as an easy way to reference information that may be useful for you.  Now, this page comes with a disclaimer of sorts.  When presenting quick tips, we are assuming that you either are a leader now or want to be one in the future.  To us this comes with a higher expectation.  This means that you are setting a good example for your team, you hold yourself accountable for your own actions, you are consuming this information with an open mind, and you are interested in lifelong learning.  Some things may work for you and others may not.  As leaders, we feel it's important to take advantage of any opportunity to learn, absorb as much information as possible, and apply tips that may resonate with you to ultimately improve.

We hope you enjoy these weekly quick tips.  We encourage interjection, so feel free to leave comments.  If there's anything you'd like for us to address that hasn't been covered yet, send us a note.

Updated As New Tips Become Available

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