Our team has been involved with a major renovation taking place in downtown Las Vegas, which means we’ve been surrounded by construction for what feels like a very long time.  We’re happy to report that construction is coming along well and we’re finally in a position to start inviting leaders to our classroom space.  This is very special because it gives us the opportunity to provide a wider variety of leadership development opportunities.  Our hope is to provide something for everyone, which leads me to the details of our exciting announcement.

Beginning in May 2016, we will be hosting weekly meetups every Tuesday evening from 6-8pm and we’ll be covering the following topics between now and the end of the year.  See our schedule for additional details and to purchase your ticket.

A Candid Conversation About Women In Leadership

The most important thing to note about this meetup is that this is NOT a women-specific meetup.  Everyone is welcome!

Women in leadership roles (or lack thereof) is a hot topic and our Founder, Kri Edholm, knows first-hand what it takes to be a successful female leader.  She’ll share tips she’s learned along the way to provide both men and women with a different perspective of what success may look like for women.

How To Tell Your Team They’re Screwing Up

It’s not always easy being a leader, especially when it’s time to have difficult conversations with your team.  However, you’re doing your team a disservice if you do not find a way to let them know when they’re not meeting expectations.  In this meetup, we’ll break this message down and provide you with ways to communicate tough messages while maintaining respect as a leader.

How To Use Goals As Leadership Tools

Goals are a secret weapon for effective leadership.  Not only should you be setting goals for yourself as a leader, but you should be encouraging your team to do the same.  We’ll walk you through the components of solid goal setting and show you how to use goals as a way to foster sound leadership training practices.

Leading Millennials

Another leadership hot topic.  The format for this meetup will be a little different as we’ll provide some insightful tips, but we’ll also field questions and dive into challenges you may be having with millennials at your organization.  Be prepared to share your experiences and to provide helpful feedback to others.

This has been a long time coming and we can’t wait to meet you in person.  Check our schedule for additional information and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.