4 Steps For Taking A Me First Approach To Leadership

Leaders aren’t supposed to be selfish, right?

This is correct. For the most part.

Leaders tend to spend a large majority of time on others. From developing career paths, to educating, to helping solve problems, the list goes on. Being selfish definitely isn’t a leadership trait that most people think about, but in reality, before leaders can be their best for others, they must take time to take care of themselves first. Here are 4 steps for taking a me first approach to leadership:

Find a confidant

Find a person or a group of people you can confide in. This person can be someone with similar responsibilities, a professional that shares the same business type that you do, a networking or mastermind group, or anyone that you can confide in and trust. Run new ideas past this person and get their feedback. This person can also be someone you vent to or someone that helps you work through challenges. Either way, this person should help to keep you on the right track.

Educate yourself

Leadership takes hard work and dedication. Take time to educate yourself by attending leadership training classes, reading, listening to podcasts, or hire a business coach. You never know, there’s always the chance that someone else has already solved your biggest challenge. Absorb as much as you can and pull information from other sources to help fill in your professional gaps. Continue growing as a leader by constantly keeping yourself updated and educated.

Set boundaries

When a leader sees their team struggle, it is common to take on that burden. In reality, it’s a bad idea to take too much on as a leader. When a leader becomes consumed, it makes it more difficult to lead. Set boundaries with time and workload. If you find yourself taxed as a leader, ask for help. Bring your team together and work through challenges as a unit.

Take care of yourself

Don’t just take the time to take care of yourself, make the time to do it.  Block time out on your calendar. Be sure to eat properly, exercise to reduce stress levels, and get enough sleep. Carve time out for friends and family. Leaders who have a clear mind have the ability to take on any challenge that comes their way.

What are you doing as a leader to take care of yourself first so you have the clarity to help others? If we missed something, leave a comment below.