5 Habits To Change As A Leader Right Now

If something becomes habitual, it may mean that you as a leader have become complacent. Habit means that you’re probably going through the motions and aren’t taking the time to think about exactly what it is that you’re doing or what the outcome might be. These are 5 habits to change as a leader right now to become more mindful and purposeful as a leader.

Listen Before Speaking

Leaders are often in a position where they are the most vocal person in a group. They are communicating direction, educating their teams, working through issues vocally, and are the primary person that a team looks up to in order to provide the communication needed to move forward. Because of this dependency, leaders often make it a habit of speaking first and listening later. In reality, leaders should be listening first and speaking later. By making this shift, leaders are giving their team an opportunity to voice their thoughts and learn. When leaders take this away from their team, they are preventing them from being able to grow.

Understand Before Providing Direction

The life of a leader is one that is extremely busy. There is so much information being passed around that it’s easy to fall into the habit of relaying information without taking the time to understand what is being communicated. Before passing any information along or providing direction, leaders should take the time to understand the information and communicate in a clear and concise manner. Doing this will ensure that the information is accurate and makes sense. By changing this habit, leaders will save their teams valuable time and avoid confusion.

Accountability vs. Blame

For most people, it becomes habitual to automatically look at what others may have done before looking at themselves when something has gone wrong or a mistake has been made. The same holds true for leaders. It’s way too easy to begin pointing fingers when in reality, leaders should be looking at themselves first. One of the most difficult part of a leader’s job is to accept blame where blame is due. Rather than blame others, take time to look at yourself first and be accountable for your own actions as well as the actions of your team.

Admit Mistakes

Making a mistake is tough enough, but not admitting that a mistake has been made will result in the loss of the team’s respect in no time. Leaders are going to make mistakes and when it happens, don’t pretend like nothing happened and move on. Stand in front of the team, admit the mistake, and communicate a plan to fix it.

Be An Example

There’s a saying that says, “Do as I say, not as I do”.

Avoid this notion at all costs as a leader and do the exact opposite. Be an example of expectations. For example, if there is an expectation to be timely, be on time. If the expectation is to be accountable, then hold yourself accountable. Be an example to the team and avoid any double standards.

These are 5 habits to change as a leader right now and we’re sure there are more. If we missed any other opportunities to change leadership habits, let us know in the comments below. Have you considered leadership training to help change your habits as a leader? We want to hear what is and isn’t working as you work on improving the way you lead.