What is business coaching?

A business coach is an independent party who can provide an outside perspective as to how your business or team is operating. Business coaches are often hired to introduce improved working efficiencies, provide feedback for better cash management, and provide leadership training to overcome any challenges that a business owner, executive, or manager is facing.

Why do I need business coach?

If you are a business owner, leader, entrepreneur, or are responsible for the oversight of any number of resources, chances are you should have a business coach.

The main reasons for this are perspective and emotion.

One of the main challenges that leaders face is the ability to see things at a high level. It’s way too easy to be buried in the details of everyday operations. You want to make improvements and changes because you know there are issues, but you don’t have the time to figure out what those issues might be or where to begin. You might even be a business owner who is emotionally tied to your business. It’s your passion, your vision, and your dream, but things aren’t going quite how you envisioned. Whatever the situation, there’s always room for improvement and more importantly, there’s help. Here are the signals to look out for.

Feeling Stuck Or Overwhelmed

When you’re driving home at the end of your work day, how are you feeling? It’s normal to feel overwhelmed sometimes, but do you find that you’re feeling this way often? Are you sleeping well at night and taking time off to rejuvenate? Do a self-evaluation to see how you’re feeling.

Revenue has plateaued or receded

What does your revenue stream tell you? Have you plateaued or are you losing money? Have you lost clients or has sales decreased? What does your revenue stream look like 3 months, 6 months, or a year down the line? What are you doing to plan ahead so you can predict changes and modify them before they take place? Is there something you can do operationally that will jump-start your revenue stream?

High employee turnover

Are you having a difficult time with employee retention or do you feel as if your team is constantly failing? Are you having a difficult time connecting with your team?

Growth and Change

Are you a startup or is your business undergoing a growth spurt? Is there a rush to hire a large amount of employees in a short amount of time? Is there new leadership in place or some sort of noticeable change that’s taking place in your work environment? Has your business been purchased or is it for sale? Is there some sort of transition that’s taking place now or will be in the future?

No Time Off

When’s the last time you took a vacation? Can you trust your team to keep the business going when you’re not around? How many hours a day are you working?

If you are experiencing any of the above, it’s time to put down whatever you’re doing and consider business coaching services. A business coach will come in with an outside perspective and help identify what the root cause of your issues are. An experienced business coach will not only help you understand your challenges, but they’ll also help you implement a new way of working that will free up your time and reduce stress levels.