The Dreaded Snowball

We’ve all been in a situation where things don’t go as planned.  Plan A didn’t work, so you quickly move to Plan B.  When your backup plan doesn’t work, you know things will be going from bad to worse at a rapid pace.  As a leader, it’s up to you to manage the chaos, come up with a plan, and get your team back on track as quickly as possible.

The Chaos Ensues

Many times, a plan hits a bump in the road right at that moment when stress levels are at their peak.  As your team responds and attempts to resolve challenges in a reactive manner, things often go bad very quickly.  This is the moment in time when the presence of a strong leader is most important.

Getting the Team Back on Track

As a leader, you were probably put in that position because you have the most experience and knowledge.  When things go south, it’s up to you to tap into that knowledge, collect details for a new plan as quickly as possible, and communicate next steps to the team.  In order to get everyone’s attention and introduce an organized thought, these 7 words will be of great use:

This is what we’re going to do.

Moving On

Whether your new plan is the right or wrong path to take, it’s important to keep the team moving forward towards the ultimate objective.  Using these 7 words will let your team know that it’s time to stop what they’re doing and change course using new direction.  Communicate your new plan confidently and clearly and you’ll find the chaos subside and your team will be ready to move on.