Time, experience, growing, failing, learning, trusting, trials, tribulations, and many other factors go into what sets a good leader apart from a great leader. For first-time leaders or anyone looking to improve the way they lead, it’s tough to grasp onto tangible leadership actions that if used, can make a difference right away. Fortunately, the following are 9 practical leadership tips that you can begin using today that show results.

Avoid Reactions by Focusing on Perspective

Leaders face chaotic situations every day, making the temptation to react far too easy. The first reaction of many leaders is to jump head-first into the situation without thinking about consequences or the big picture. Rather than react, give your team time and space to solve the issue on their own. Take a step back and guide the big picture rather than getting stuck in the details.

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Stick to the Facts

Often times, teams and leaders get caught in speculation and the rabbit hole that is ‘what ifs’. If you find your team making decisions based on instinct only, challenge them to gather facts. Using fact-based evidence and information will guide a team down a more defined and familiar path.

Go First

If you’re looking to set yourself apart from other and are looking to insert yourself as a leader, simply volunteer to go first. By going first, you will have an opportunity to showcase both vulnerability and courage, both important traits of effective leadership.

Don’t Take Things Personally

As a leader, you will be scrutinized. Especially when big decisions are on the line. If scrutinized in a constructive or negative manner, remember that feedback isn’t personal. Take it at face value and focus on fixing whatever the issue might be.

Follow up

This is a simple action that sets leaders apart from others. Don’t let items fall through the cracks and become forgotten. Employ a system that allows you to follow-up in a timely manner. Set a calendar reminder or use a task list with due dates to help keep tasks moving forward.

No One Waits On Me

The last thing you want to be as a leader is a bottleneck. If you insert yourself into processes or decisions, adopt the motto that “no one waits on me”. This means that if an item is assigned to you, take action it. Don’t let your team or initiatives come to a screeching halt because it’s waiting on you.

Look At Yourself First

If your team isn’t performing as expected or if things go bad, look at yourself first before pointing any fingers. What could you have done differently? What changes can you make to help make a similar situation work flawlessly in the future? Although it’s easy to blame others, more often times that not, most business coaches will tell you (and we agree) it’s the leader who should make changes.


Another helpful motto for leaders to consider is, “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”. If you want or need something, ask for it. The worst thing that anyone can say in response is no and if you don’t take the time to ask, you’ll miss out on an opportunity to get what you want.

Get out of the way, literally

Your job as a leader is to help pave a clear path for your team to succeed. The more you invest in them, the more efficient they’ll be. Provide them with proper training, purchase tools that will make their jobs easier, and be a supportive leader that helps guide a team to success.

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Begin using these steps right away and let us know how it goes by leaving a comment below.