Here we are — 2015 is wrapping up and it’s time to ring in a new year.

It’s a time to invite new beginnings, identify new goals, and start working towards achieving your highest potential.

If you read our post about the leadership epiphany that occurred in 2015 that caused our founder to go down a new career path, you know that last year was a time of hoping, planning, wondering, and guessing.  It has been fun to take an idea, draw up a business plan, outline what it was that we wanted to accomplish, and communicate those thoughts in the form of a new website.  It’s a space full of hope and aspirations and we’ve had so much fun being in that space.  We now realize things are about to get very real.

This new year is going to be much different because we plan to be uncomfortable in 2016.

For our new company, we know that we’re going to have take risks and leaps of faith.  We’ll depend on our family, friends, and trusted business coaching relationships to help us get our business up and running.  It’s time to turn our hopes and dreams into reality as we start to do the hard work of following through with what we started.

We can’t wait to be uncomfortable in 2016.  We invite the growth and change that will follow.

The team at Leadership Excursion Co. wishes each of you the best 2016.  Go out there and be uncomfortable!