It is an exciting time to live in Las Vegas.  As a young city, we are in the midst of a significant change.  The city is growing up, residents are invested in the culture and longevity, and history is beginning to mean something.  Many cities have gone through this shift, in some cases many times over.  For Las Vegas, this is the first real BIG shift.  We are no longer a city full of transients and newcomers.  It used to be rare that you met anyone who was born and raised in Las Vegas, but it has now become more commonplace.  Living in Las Vegas right now, at this very moment in time, means we get to experience this shift first hand and have the opportunity to carve our own name in its history books.

Griffith Methodist

Griffith United Methodist Church was dedicated in 1955 and was named after E.W. Griffith, known as one of the first 100 persons to shape Southern Nevada.  This beautiful church’s doors remained open for 60 years and was home to church-goers and young children who attended nursery school there.  The neighborhood where its located, also rich in history, is a Las Vegas gem.  After a short closure, the Griffith Church is now undergoing renovations.  This short video provides a glimpse of what lies ahead.

The Before

Being a part of this renovation project is something that’s very special to us.  We are surrounded by an incredible group of people who have a goal of maintaining its history while bringing new life to its walls as well as the community that surrounds it.  Its future story is underway.  This is the before and we can’t wait to share the after.