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Equine Therapy

Equine-assisted therapy (EAT) is becoming widely known as therapists incorporate activities with horses into various treatments for their patients. From overcoming PTSD to addressing mental health challenges, therapists have seen great results when supplementing their practice with the help of horses. It turns out that working with horses has other benefits, which we’ve incorporated into our Equus Talk and Horsemanship leadership development programs. Our Clients are blown away with the lessons and experiences that working with these incredible animals provide.

The benefits of working with horses

In episode #215 on the Tim Ferris Show podcast (68:54), Comedian Whitney Cummings talks about how she has benefited from equine therapy.

“Horses are prey animals, so they are incredibly in tune with what’s going on with you. Horses don’t understand lies, manipulation, or beguiling charm. All the things that we have developed to make people like us are rendered useless with a horse.”

Because horses are mirrors of your current state of being, they provide you with real-time feedback. Being face-to-face with a 900-lb. animal provides you with an opportunity to practice new leadership skills.

“You can be scared of a horse and the horse will understand and be attune to you. If you are scared and pretending you’re not, horses get very confused because they don’t know what lying is.”

This is when it’s time to practice humility as a leader. If you’re fearful, it’s ok to admit that you’re scared. Succumbing to what’s really happening and being completely honest will help you forge stronger relationships as a leader.

“If you want to accomplish your goals, you need to have good energy and be the type of person someone wants to be around.”

Everyone has some sort of a challenge when it comes to energy and energy shifts as situations shift. If you walk up to a horse presenting a large ego, the horse will not respond as expected. On the flip side, if you are too meek and afraid, the horse will do whatever it is they’d like to do.

Horses are mirrors of your current state of being.

Think about someone in your life who has exemplified traits of an ideal leader. This person probably doesn’t communicate much, but somehow members of their teams or the people around them naturally gravitate towards them. No matter what they do, their teams are loyal and will work hard for their leader. Horses will do the same thing. If you present yourself in an honest manner, they will connect with you in an unbelievable way. The ultimate goal is to practice the way you present yourself so the horse chooses you, just like you want your team to choose you in your working environment.

The ultimate goal is to practice the way you present yourself so the horse chooses you, just like you want your team to choose you in your working environment.

Leadership Excursion Co. supplements leadership training and business coaching services with the inclusion of horses to provide their clients with an opportunity to improve as a leader. See the schedule to sign up as an individual or for groups of 3 or more, contact us directly.