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Equus Excursion | Leadership Excursion Co.
leadership excursion co leadership training with horses

Leadership Training with Horses

Impactful learning for individuals, teams, and companies of all sizes.

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Equine Guided Leadership Development

Join us on the ranch for a leadership learning experience in self-mastery and discovery. The Equus Excursion is like no other as it will give you the opportunity to practice your new-found leadership skills before using them in an every-day scenario. You will tap into your authentic self in a hands-on and supportive training environment. While you're with us, you'll learn how to:

Strengthen non-verbal communication skills

Increase confidence by focusing on body language

Learn the art of anticipation and intervention timing

The difference between command and demand

Keeping calm in an unfamiliar and stressful environment

How to create trust and safety in any relationship

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Equus Excursion Options

leadership excursion co equus excursion private coaching
Private Coaching

Book a private session to work one-on-one with a leadership coach and horsemanship instructor to improve the way you work, live, and lead.


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leadership excursion co equus excursion team building
Team Building

Bring your team together by providing a hands-on leadership training experience with a focus on bonding and growth. We accommodate teams of all sizes.


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leadership excursion co equus excursion personal development
Personal Development

Join us for an Equus Excursion that's already on our schedule and grow confidence while practicing leadership skills in an intimate learning environment.


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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a Join-Up®?

A Join-Up® is an activity in trust and communication as a person works one-on-one with a horse and a certified trainer by their side. Learn more.

Will I be riding a horse (horseback riding)?

No. Our inside joke is that you won't be riding a horse during an excursion, just like you shouldn't be riding your team as a leader. You'll be working face-to-face with a horse and a trainer will be by your side the entire time for guidance.

What if I have experience with or own horses?

Our program is so unique that chances are you've never done a Join-Up® before. During your time on the ranch, you'll see the horse-human relationship from a new perspective that we know you'll enjoy.

Are you certified?

Our lead trainer holds one of only 62 certifications in the world and holds the only certificate to oversee Join-Up® sessions in the state of Nevada.

What if I've never been around horses?

No problem at all. Our program is designed for people of all experience levels. We guide you through everything you need to know, give you time to meet and learn about the horses, and will be by your side the entire time.

What should I wear?

Plan on wearing long pants, closed-toe shoes (boots or tennis shoes without heels), a comfortable top, and sunscreen. 

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"It was interesting to see how I responded to the horse vs. how I expected to. Thanks for a fantastic experience!" - Michelle L.

or book a private excursion for 3 or more people.