Goal Setting, Bragging, and Creating Opportunity

One of our most popular leadership tip series was released over a year ago and focused on goal setting. It included tips for creating effective goals, how to use goals to communicate success, and how to use goals as a way to create opportunity for yourself. This series was so well received that we turned it into a hands-on workshop that we deliver to a large majority of our clients.

Using goals as a leadership tool is extremely powerful for a few reasons.

  1. Everyone knows what goals are and is comfortable using them.
  2. Goals are flexible and can be created to fit just about any circumstance.

Goal setting helps with communication, setting expectations with yourself and others, accountability, and the list goes on and on.

What To Look Out For When Checking In

One of the biggest mistakes we see with goal setting is lack of maintenance and support. Goals are defined and agreed upon and then what? We see so many people take precious time to define goals only to set them aside and forget about them.

Important: Goals, just like any other tool, only work if you use them.

Creating goals is simply the first step. The only way they work is if you check in and check in on them often. After you’ve defined and agreed on your goals with necessary parties, create a check in schedule. You should be tracking progress on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

What To Do When Things Change

Don’t let an irrelevant goal prevent you from making progress. For some reason, we see a large number of people abandon goals altogether because things have changed and the goal no longer makes sense.

Our advice? Purge!

If a goal no longer makes sense, either update it or delete it! If you remove a goal completely, replace it with something that makes sense to your current situation. Having stale goals could subconsciously hold you back. Keep your goals fresh, meaningful, and use them to your advantage.

If you’re interested in creating and maintaining personal development, goal setting is an excellent way to do just that.

What do you use as a tool to create opportunity for yourself?