How To Lead A Team Without Saying a Word

Leaders are often the most outspoken person on a team. They are planning, leading conversations, and providing verbal direction. In some cases, professionals in a position of management or leadership may even be expressing verbal demands. Telling their team where to go and what to do. Constantly providing verbal direction has its place, however, leaders should be doing everything in their power to get their team working succinctly and thinking on their own.

A Leader’s Role

The job of a leader is to build a team, organization, or company that is comprised of leaders. People who are thinking on their own, taking risks, working efficiently with one another. Professionals who thrive to be better individually and as a unit. If a leader is constantly telling their team what to do and how to do it, it becomes challenging for the team to be their best. Leaders should be providing verbal direction, however, a leader is at their best when they can lead a team without saying a word.

Demand vs. Command

Communicating to a team as a leader isn’t about making verbal demands. It’s about guiding your team. Commanding them where to go and what to do. Educating a team to eventually think on their own and fall back on you as their leader for support.

Silent Leadership

Curious to know how to lead a team without saying a word? Here are a few methods:

  • Practice patience as a leader and understand that not all team members are the same. Some will understand quickly while others take more time.
  • Command your team silently with confident and consistent body language.
  • Recognize when your team might need help by the way they present themselves. Give them room to learn on their own and only step in if absolutely necessary.
  • Realize that when you have a bad day as a leader and your confidence is down or your frustration levels are high – that this directly impacts your team.

Equus Talk

Leaders rarely have the opportunity to practice leading in a way that simulates how they might lead their teams in real-time. We developed Equus Talk excursion, a unique leadership training opportunity, to do exactly that. Provide leaders with a way to practice silent communication. Practice reading and maintaining body language, being patient, and keeping yourself poised under pressure while working with horses. Do your very own Join Up® session and realize a new approach to communicating with your team.