Bringing On A New Team Member

It’s tough bringing on a new team member because it takes a lot of time, dedication and patience. Having an effective interview process in place is the first step in hiring a new resource, but what happens after a candidate has accepted an offer? Here’s information on how to make the first 90 days a success.

Take Time To Prepare

Bringing a person in on their first day and immediately throwing them into the fire is far from ideal. Doing this creates unnecessary stress and frustration for both the new hire and the team. Before a new resource steps into the office for the first time, take time to prepare so they feel welcome and supported from day one. Do everything you can to set them up for success.

Make A Plan

Review the new employee’s job description and list of expectations and make a plan for the first 90 days. What do you expect them to accomplish within the first 30 days? How about days 31-60? Where should they be days 61-90? Make a detailed list of everything this person is expected to complete and/or master within this timeline.

Make Them Feel Welcome

Before the new hire’s first day, clean and organize their working space, have their computer or any necessary tools ready, and prepare their new-hire paperwork. Start looking at their calendar and book time for important meetings or training sessions. On their first day of work, take them to lunch so they feel welcome.

Make Them Feel Supported

During their first week, schedule time to review their 90-day plan. Review all tasks and verify that each accomplishment is fully understood. Begin building a relationship so the new team member knows who to go to when they’re faced with questions or challenges. If they need any tools, follow-up to be sure they have everything they need to succeed.

Touch Base Each Week

Schedule time to meet with this new person each week. Make this meeting a priority and during the meeting, review the 90-day plan and capture an update on progress. If the new hire is running into challenges, help them work through those challenges. Be as supportive as possible and if the person isn’t meeting expectations, touch base meetings are the perfect opportunity to begin having those conversations.

Make A Decision

Bringing on a new team member is a lot of work, but there’s a very good reason. Most professionals are familiar with the term, “hire slowly, fire quickly.” By taking time to organize the first 90 days, you are giving yourself the ability to measure a new hire’s progress to see whether or not they are going to succeed in their new position. By the time those 90 days are up, you should have enough information to be able to make this crucial decision. If the person isn’t going to work out, it shouldn’t be a surprise to them based on the 90-day plan and weekly touch base sessions. If the person is a good fit, then you’re in good shape! Continue helping them along their path to success by creating new goals or plugging them into an existing performance review cycle.

What do you do during the first 90 days to help new employees succeed? Do you think incorporating leadership training in the first 90 days will help increase success?