leadership training activities in las vegas

Leadership Training Activities in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is famous for its bright lights, nightlife, and large-sized conventions and millions of people travel to the City of Lights each year. The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority reports that Las Vegas was host to 42.2 million people, 6.6 million of which attended a convention in 2017.

That’s mind-blowing.

Businesses are sending millions of their team members to Las Vegas each year to attend various conventions in order to either showcase or educate themselves on various products and services. It’s a perfect way to show the world what your business is working on and catch a glimpse into what the competition looks like. Time spent at a convention in Las Vegas is arguably priceless.

It’s also a perfect opportunity to work on growth and development while the team is together. In many cases, the cost of sending employees to Las Vegas is so high that this may be one of the only trips where an entire team is together at one time. Why not take advantage?

There are many leadership training activities in Las Vegas to choose from, but there are a few opportunities available in Las Vegas that provide a unique training experience.

Leadership Training with Horses

Las Vegas is home to the National Finals Rodeo, which means that Las Vegas is a rodeo town. Ranches with horses are scattered throughout the valley and Leadership Excursion Co. is home to the only horse-assisted leadership training experience in the area. If you’re looking to give your team a unique and impactful experience while they’re in Vegas, try the popular Equus Excursion. It’ll bring your team together like you never imagined.

Executive Retreat

Zion National Park is a short, 2-hour drive from Las Vegas. While your executive team is in one area, take a few extra days and enjoy a customized executive retreat on a private ranch in Southern Utah. Transportation, catering services, leadership training, and business coaching services can all be tailored to fit the needs of your team. There’s no better way to escape daily distractions and focus on your business than to spend a few days on an exclusive ranch.

Leader Mentality

What is the mentality that every employee in your organization has, regardless of their job title? Is your culture a healthy, prosperous culture? The Leader Mentality program is designed to teach everyone team member how to be a leader. From being accountable to being able to communicate effectively, Leader Mentality helps organizations transform their culture into one that promotes leadership by all.

Spark Women’s Retreat

Spark Women’s Retreat is a must-do retreat for any woman looking for self-growth, education, and community. Spark was created by women for women and is designed to help women create a spark that ignites their life’s passion. Each retreat is all-inclusive and is hosted in beautiful Zion National Park.

Although most teams opt to attend conventions and get together during night-time parties and dinners, there’s plenty of alternatives for those wishing to take advantage of what Las Vegas has to offer with a large number of leadership training activities available.