We are happy to announce the addition of two new excursions that focus on communication. Being able to communicate effectively and clearly are must-have skills for leaders. We chose to pair this topic with horsework because the only way to get what you want out of a horse is to clearly communicate whatever it is that you’d like for them to do. If you are not deliberate in your actions, you will both see and feel the disconnect right away. On the flip side, making a connection with a horse and having them want to follow you around wherever you go in a calm way is more rewarding than you could imagine.

Our excursions cover two aspects of communication that are important for all leaders to possess.

Equus Talk

In this excursion, we will focus in intrinsic communication. Participants will learn how to read body language, recognize signs, listen, observe, be still, and practice patience. Leaders don’t always need to be delivering a message. In fact, the most effective leaders are behind the scenes, guiding their teams to success. This excursion includes lessons in how to accomplish a more passive approach to communication.  Each participant will also have the opportunity to complete a one-on-one Join Up® session with the help of a lead trainer.


When its time to be an active communicator, leaders find the most success when they command rather than demand, display confidence rather than uncertainty, and communicate clearly rather than disjointedly. In the Horsemanship excursion, participants will have an opportunity to do more advanced work with horses in a larger-sized arena. Obstacles and other challenges will be present and each leader will be responsible for guiding their horse to do whatever it is that you set out to accomplish together. Like Equus Talk, half of the day will be about learning and the second half will include one-on-one horsework with a lead trainer.

If you’re interested in seeing any of our demos in May or attending a horse-related leadership training excursion beginning in June, see our schedule for upcoming courses.