Most professionals have a love/hate relationship with meetings. Experiencing productive meetings are like finding a diamond in the rough and although some meetings can be productive, most of them wind up being a waste of time. Here are some tips for organizing and running productive meetings.

PRO TIP #1: Deny Meeting Requests That Don’t Contain An Agenda

Before I move on, I am giving everyone reading or watching this permission to deny any meeting request that does not contain an agenda. Require this prerequisite not only for your team, but for yourself as well. Stop the madness that is scheduling meetings for the sake of scheduling meetings and put some time into organizing. Having an agenda will save valuable time and alleviate stress.

Creating an Agenda

Here is a list of considerations to make when organizing a meeting and creating an agenda:

  1. When putting an agenda together, make it purposeful and to the point.
  2. Create an attendee list and verify that it makes sense for each attendee to be in the meeting. Do your best not to waste anyone’s time.
  3. Take a moment to think beyond the meeting. Will the outlined agenda provide a way to create action items? If not, it’s probably not worth having the meeting until you are able to assign follow-up items.

Meeting Management

Before the meeting begins, assign someone as the note taker. It can be you as the meeting organizer or anyone else attending the meeting. Have them capture the conversation and as the meeting is being wrapped up, document action items along with the person responsible for addressing each item and a timeline and/or due date for each.

PRO TIP #2: Send Meeting Notes Out As Attendees Leave The Room

This is why it’s crucial for someone to be capturing notes and action items during the meeting. Save time by completing notes while it’s fresh in your mind and sending notes out right away. This will prevent delays in following-up on action items with the team and will help save time and decrease stress levels. I’ve been using this leadership training secret for years and it’s a tip I’ve always been grateful knowing.

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