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Kri Edholm

CEO / Founder

Kri Edholm is our founder and excursion visionary.  She combines experience she gained from her career as a technology executive and search and rescue volunteer and applies those to each experience.  Kri is a believer in hands-on learning and is dedicated to teaching professionals how to be effective leaders.

Kri’s resume includes work as a rafting guide, rock climbing instructor, Le Reve rigger, and Jump Master for AJ Hackett Bungy.  She graduated from UNLV with a degree in Math and Education and upon graduation, stumbled upon a position working for a technology company during the dot com era.  When the dot com bubble burst, Kri landed a job as a Software Engineer with the Department of Defense where she learned how to code.  It was at that time that she also began her career as a mountain rescue volunteer with the Las Vegas Metro Search and Rescue Unit.  Kri joined the unit with the intent of keeping up on her training and more importantly, to help others.

Kri Edholm eventually worked her way up the corporate ladder and after 20 years, retired from her career as a technology executive to build a broader life.  Education and leadership had always been a mainstay and it was this passion that lead her to launch Leadership Excursion Co.

Kri’s unique career history brings experience that transcends leadership alone.  She understands the needs of both organizations and individuals and not only helps to improve leadership skills, but can also help dissect operational inefficiencies in the workplace.  A natural leader and doer, Kri works with her clients to break through challenges and implement solutions that work.