Leadership Options

Leaders make countless decisions every day. Some are difficult to make while others are second nature. In most circumstances, leaders make a conscious decision to do something. If something is going wrong or a team member has a question, a leader typically provides a suggestion that requires action. However, there is always one option that is often forgotten. This is the overlooked leadership option.

Doing Nothing Is A Choice

Sometimes leaders are faced with challenges and they’re not sure what the solution may be. These types of challenges can be overwhelming and sometimes even scary. There’s immeasurable pressure that comes with being a leader and when things get tough, sometimes leaders break down and tend to ignore¬†an issue. It’s important for all leaders to understand that doing nothing, whether conscious or not, is a choice.

Conscious Decisions

Rather than put something out of your mind because you’re not sure what to do, realize that doing nothing is a choice. Simply ignoring something and sweeping it under the rug is unacceptable because you’re not taking control of the choice that lies in front of you. Sometimes it makes sense to do nothing and that’s ok, however, be conscious of this decision and understand exactly why doing nothing about it makes sense. Communicate this decision to your team so they’re not left with unanswered questions. If you’re not sure what to do, let your team know that you’re sitting on it before you make a decision. In cases where doing nothing is the best choice to make, take ownership of that decision and communicate that message to the team. Take time to realize this overlooked leadership option and understand exactly why you have decided to do nothing.

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Making a choice to do nothing is an overlooked leadership option because it is often taken for granted. In many cases, doing nothing is a detriment to yourself and your team because it’s used as a tool to avoid. By making this choice a conscious choice and communicating the why to your team, you will quickly realize that there are always options and in some cases, the best option is to do nothing.

If you’re unsure how to incorporate the overlooked leadership option, look to attend a leadership training program that may incorporate this type of information or practice using this option. Over time, you’ll discover the best way to make this an option.