Las Vegas From a Different Perspective

When first launching our leadership training company, we received questions about the image of Las Vegas that appears in the backdrop of our marketing material.  There are many photos of the Las Vegas skyline, but the vantage point in this photo was different.  This video explains why.

Kri Edholm, Owner of Leadership Excursion Co., began serving as a mountain rescue volunteer for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Search and Rescue Unit in 2003.  During her time on the unit, she was involved in hundreds of training and rescue missions, many of them involving the helicopters shown in this video.  Kri captured these images and video after the team successfully completed a rescue at Red Rock Canyon, located just west of Las Vegas.  She is sitting in the back of the Bell MD500 while her team mates fly alongside in the Huey, both equipped as search and rescue helicopters.

Not only does this image depict an incredible view of Las Vegas, but the memory and photo continue to be meaningful to the brand that is now Leadership Excursion Co..  Enjoy!